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Monponsett Pond - Algae Test Results - August 7
On Monday, August 7th, MassDEP collected water samples on East and West Monponsett Ponds.  The samples were analyzed by MassDEP on August 9th.  The East Monponsett sample, collected at the Rt 36 boat ramp in Halifax showed cyanobacteria levels of 6,200 cells/ml.  The West Monponsett Pond samples showed cyanobacteria levels of 70,800 cells/ml at 4th Avenue Beach and 85,700 cells/ml at the state boat ramp.  The levels in West Monponsett Pond are above the MDPH guideline level of 70,000 cells/ml. MDPH recommends that an advisory be posted at each access point at the water body to warn against water contact. MassDEP will conduct sampling at the waterbody next week. Result: West Monponsett Pond is closed until at least August 24, 2017.

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