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Monponsett Pond Treatments - June 30
In connection with water quality issues at Monponsett Pond, the following treatments have been scheduled: Tuesday, June 30 - West Monponsett - aluminum sulfate to reduce the amount of free phosphorous (nutrient for algae) and Tuesday, June 30 - East Monponsett - Sonar herbicde treatment to reduce invasive weed growth. Any changes to this schedule will be posted.

The areas around both parts of Monponsett Pond wil be "postered" on Friday, June 26.

These treatments do not affect the Town's drinking water. The Town does not use Monponsett Pond as a water supply. The orange posters and information are specific about not using the POND for drinking water.

Pond visitors should not drink, cook, boat, fish, swim, or use Pond water for livestock and irrigation on Tuesday, June 30 and Wednesday, July 1.

If you have any questions about these programs, please contact the Halifax Selectmen's Office at 781-294-1316.

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