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Halifax Town Hall, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA 02338 • Phone/Hours
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Mosquito Report - EEE Mosquito in Middleborough
As of July 11, Halifax is listed as a "low risk" community for EEE and WnV, but while the State's web site has not been updated since then, the Halifax Board of Health has been notified about the first report of a mosquito with EEE (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) of the season. It was in Middelborough. It was found in a Culex mosquito, the Culex restuans. Natural and artificial containers are the preferred larval habitat of this mosquito. It feeds almost primarily on birds but has been known to bite humans on occasion. This species is typically collected from May to October but can be found year round as it readily overwinters in man-made structures. Cx restuans has been implicated as a vector of WNV. Take this bird biter as a warning. People have control over stagnant water in containers: buckets, tarps, tires, etc. Rinse them out, turn them over. Rinse bird baths at least twice a week.

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Town of Halifax • 499 Plymouth Street • Halifax, MA 02338
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