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Boat Ramp Open/Pond Closed
Why is the State Boat Ramp open when the West Pond is closed?

2015’s attempt to solve this problem:

•       Jersey barriers at the Route 58 boat ramp and the 4th Avenue boat ramp.

Unforeseen consequences of that action:

•       The Town received complaints from residents and visitors that the barriers prevented them from taking the boats out of the Pond.  

Response to those complaints/needs:

•       The barriers had to be moved at various random times.  


•       The Town does not have the resources to monitor the ramps, move the barriers when requested, and patrol the pond to tell users to leave the pond.

Solution: Inform people as best we can:

•       The Town has appropriated money to construct large signs to be placed at the Route 58, Route 36, 4th Avenue boat ramp, and the beach at 5th Avenue, notifying users of the status of the ponds. We hope that users who enter the pond in other ways will pay attention to the information on the Town's web site, the LED sign at the Fire Department, and local media.  

•       Ultimately, visitors and residents will need to take responsibility for whether they use the pond.


While the State funded the reconstruction of the "State Boat Ramp" on Route 58/Monponsett Street, the Town owns and operates the boat ramp.

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