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Fieldstone Farms - Proposed Changes for Horse Shows
On Tuesday, May 3 at 7:45pm in the Selectmen's Meeting Room of Halifax Town Hall, 499 Plymouth Street, the Halifax Board of Selectmen will meet with Mr. Scott Clawson, owner of Fieldstone Farms, about his proposed changes to the 1993 consent agreement between the Town and Fieldstone Farms which regulated some uses of his property including horse shows. The Board may also discuss changes to the consent agreement proposed by other interested parties. The proposed changes (from all interested parties including Mr. Clawson) include but are not limited to the following:

1)      Change the date of the agreement;
2)      Add the United States Equestrian Foundation as one of the associations under which the horse shows will be run;
3)      Delete the definition of Warm-Up Day;
4)      Increase the maximum number of show days from 25 to 30;
5)      Change the maximum number of horses (350) for multi-day shows to the number of horse "entries" (every entry for each horse counts as one entry) to 700;
6)      Increase the maximum number of multi-day shows from 4 to 10;
7)      Change the maximum number of horses (175) for one-day shows to the number of horse "entries" (every entry for each horse counts as one entry) to 350;
8)      Eliminate requirement for roadside signage;
9)      Increase the maximum number of food vendors from 3 to 4 and the number of non-food vendors from 8 to 12;
10)     Eliminate the clause that required installation of shrubbery;
11)     Include stipulations concerning vendors and required permits;
12)     Specify the hours of operation including times for entering and exiting the facility;
13)     Set limits for noise/sound levels;
14)     If "warm-up days" are eliminated whether there should there be new stipulations concerning the number of days when horses can be brought in to train, etc. for each show;
15)     Possible stipulation concerning maintenance of the shrubbery;
16)     Trash pickup on the property including both sides of any fences even if both sides are on Fieldstone Farm land;
17)     Stipulation concerning any connection between the consent agreement and the Town's zoning by-law;
18)     Camp fires, open fires and whether they should be prohibited, limited, certain hours, etc.;
19)     Increasing the number of RVs (vehicles that could be slept in) allowed to be on the property from five to twenty-five;
20)     Procedure for any future changes to the consent agreement.

All interested parties are invited to attend and participate in this meeting. In addition, you are welcome to contact the Selectmen's Office (781-294-1316 or about this matter either with questions or to voice your opinion.

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