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Halifax Town Hall, 499 Plymouth Street, Halifax, MA 02338 • Phone/Hours
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Early Voting for Election on November 6, 2018
New to Massachusetts - all registered voters may cast early ballots in biennial state elections beginning with the November 8, 2016 Presidential Election.

When?    October 22-October 25 and October 29-November 1

Where?   Town Hall in the Town Clerk's Office

Early Voting Dates & Times:

• Mondays      Oct 22, Oct 29           8 AM – 4 PM
• Tuesdays     Oct 23, Oct 30           8 AM – 4 PM
• Wednesdays   Oct 24, Oct 31           8 AM – 4 PM
• Thursdays    Oct 25, Nov 1            8 AM – 4 PM


When & how is an early voter's ballot cast?

Similar to Absentee ballots, Early Voting ballots are sealed by the voter in an envelope and held until Election Day.  On Election Day early voting ballots are opened in the same manner as absentee ballots at a centralized tabulation facility – the polling place at the Halifax Elementary School Gym.

What happens at the centralized tabulation facility (CTF)?

The Centralized tabulation facility on election day in Halifax is the Elementary School Gym. During voting hours (7am to 8pm), early voting ballots will be fed through the ballot machines for each precinct (same ones used for voters voting in person). When polls close at 8pm, the results for each machine will include the ballots cast through the early voting process.

Voting in Person at the Polls after submitting an early ballot is prohibited as outlined in 950 CMR 4 7.19

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